Computer Boot Key Chart

Computer Boot Key Chart

How do I start my computer from a USB device or a DVD? Most New Computers or Laptops are built to recognize such devices automatically, if not you can temporarily choose different start-up options by accessing the BIOS menu. We created a common version of the Boot Keys sequence. When a computer is starting up, the user can access the Boot Menu by pressing one of several keyboard keys.

Common keys for accessing the Boot Menu:

Brand Type Boot Key
Acer  Desktop, Laptop
Esc, F9 or F12
Asus Desktop/Laptop/NoteBook/NetBook F8/Esc/F8/Esc
Dell/eMachine Desktop/Laptop F12
HP Generic/Desktop Esc or F9/(Press Esc then F9)
HP Laptop/NoteBook/Tower Esc or Press Esc then F9
HP Laptop F9
Intel All F10
Lenovo Laptop/Netbook/NoteBook F8. F10, F12

F12 or Fn+F11 or Some models hit the Novo button next to the power button

Samsung Generic/NetBook/NoteBook F2, F12 or Esc
Samsung Ultrabook F2 or Esc
Sony All Assist Button, F11, Esc or F10
Toshiba All F12