Managed Computer Services

Managed Computer Services and IT Support in Palm Beach County. No matter how large or small your network is, DNI Technology has experienced tech’s ready for you!!!!!!!

With Managed Computer Services Agreement, we manage your network, servers and workstations, backup, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity. We maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure for one monthly fee unlimited tech support plan, we provide support for computer equipment at your location or remotely using remote tech support. We work with your budget and we make sure your needs are met.

What is Managed Services?

Managed Computer ServicesManaged Services is a set of IT Services that provides 24-hour monitoring, managing and problem resolution for the Computer systems within a business. With our managed solutions, you don’t have to worry about a thing. All work is being done in the background and after work hours by DNI Technology so there is no interruptions to your daily business routine.

 Managed Computer Services

  • Manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks
  • Install, manage and update virus, spam and spyware/malware software (security)
  • Install and manage software updates and patches
  • Back up servers and workstations
  • Install and manage firewalls
  • Provide anywhere access to your email
  • Provide 24/7/365 IT support

Why do I need to Managed IT Services?

No business can afford the risk of down time because your business is too dependent on having a reliable IT system. Small businesses need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively.

If you you are as a business owners not keeping up with backups, virus protection, patches and security, you’ll face a Computer or network outage or another problem down the road that can negatively impact your business. For instance, your server, workstation, financial application or network goes down unexpectedly, you can face productivity and revenue losses as a result. You simply do not have time for this.

DNI Technology Managed services automate tasks that includes virus updates, software updates and patches, backups, monitoring and inventory auditing and control.  It also includes network monitoring, and computer security, so the main purpose of manage services is the automation and monitoring of IT tasks.

Predictable Budgeting & Reduced Operating Costs – We find that our clients save money by proactively maintaining their computer systems instead of paying us to bring their computers back from a critical situation. Proactive maintenance combined with industry best practices minimizes cost, downtime and keeps employees productive.

DNI Technology Managed Services also gives your employees direct access to our help-desk where our technicians solve up to 70% of all technical support issues remotely! Our quick response, coupled with a comprehensive maintenance plan, will dramatically improve the reliability of your computer systems and reduce your overall investment in computer-related services.

Computer Managed Services was designed with Small and Mid Size Businesses in mind:

Proactive Computer Maintenance – DNI Technology Managed Services utilizes industry-recognized best practices to keep your computers secure and operating at maximum efficiently.

IT Support – We have invested in a support system that is normally found only in Fortune 500 companies; we help small and mid size businesses experience the benefits of computer system automation and proactive maintenance.

Weekly and Monthly Computer Reports – You will receive scheduled reports via email with a confirmation of all maintenance performed, problems resolved and recommended actions to prevent future issues.

The most successful companies are those who know what they do best, and then hire outside experts to take care of the rest. By using outsourcing as an overall management strategy, company leaders can focus company resources on the primary business of the organization and move ahead swiftly.

Managed Computer Services:

Local network (LAN) – By implementing a local area network, you can enjoy the efficiency of shared resources, project collaboration, corporate email, group calendars, public address books, improved security, multi-platform, software updates can be done through administration on one computer, and each user can have a seamless connection to network resources whether at a desk, in a conference room, or during a presentation.

Server Monitoring and Analysis (SM&A) – Server Monitoring is a Scheduled Monitoring Maintenance Plan that keeps Information Technology Systems running at optimum performance.

Server Installation and Support – Server solutions help businesses increase data availability and organize file sharing to keep operations running smooth. Simply put, our servers can help your business do more with less. Business servers offer many benefits over simple networking. With a centralized server, users and administrators can enjoy many services that were once unavailable to them before:

  • Centralized Computer Network Security – DNI Technology Deploy and run the centrally managed Network Security. We Centrally manage all aspects of device configuration, global policies, reports on traffic patterns or security incidents — all from a single console.

  • Network File, Folder Sharing – Sharing your files and folders with other users—either locally or cloud base using advanced sharing to create shorter network paths, stopping or changing sharing of a file or folder.

  • Managed Virus and Spyware – Managed Antivirus Keeps your organization safe from today’s most sophisticated virus threats. We implement a managed anti-virus and spyware protection plan for your computer networks, that protects your computer systems from web attacks.

  • Data Backup – With Data Backup Recover quickly after an accidental file deletion, hardware failure or any other unforeseen event with one of our managed backup services. Take protective measures now to ensure your data is safe.

Network Monitoring and Management – Network monitoring is critical to the security, performance, and reliability of any computer network. We will remotely monitor your network and servers to identify and resolve minor issues before they cause business disruption. From hardware and software inventory to network usage and server up-time, DNI Technology also known as Wellington Computer Repair, provides your business with network monitoring and comprehensive reporting. Don’t risk business downtime, call us for a network assessment today! (561) 216-1061

Computer and Network Security – No matter how large or small your network is, network security should be your number one concern. All networks are vulnerable to hackers, blended attacks, and malicious programs without solid protection. We can determine which products work with your network and computer processes. Our network security experts can review your network and set up multiple levels of security. Our certified technicians are well versed in security issues and solutions. They will insure that your software is fully updated with the latest security patches, install or test your firewall, and look for possible areas of backdoor access.

We offer Managed Computer Services and Managed IT Services in Palm Beach County: Wellington, Lake Worth, Acreage, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and so on.

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