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Consumer or Business Class Computer? When buying a computer, it is The computer to choose what fits the most for your daily computer use and very important if the machine will be used in the business environment.  Most Computer manufacturers offer the same computer make and model for both consumer and businesses, but they are not the same systems. Things to consider when buying a computer is usage requirements and question you should ask yourself, how will I use this computer?, What programs or applications will I run?, Do I need to join business networks? How many hours per day, I would use my term.

Here are the differences between consumer-based computers and business grade computers:

Computers Designed for business come preloaded with the Windows Professional that is generally more robust and has more security built in, comes with business features such as the ability to join corporate networks, disk encryption software and so on, but the consumer computers don’t. Business class hardware typically uses better quality parts and pass more testing and certifications. Cheap hardware is more likely to break and would cost your company money in loss of productivity and support time to fix the issue, so investing in a better quality machine would save you the cost. Business Computers comes with manufacturer warranties that have longer terms and provide quicker support service. Business class computer, over the long run, will offer more value than a consumer PC. Computer is going to be used 5-8 hours a day and needs business type applications, and it will be used for your business, then you need a Business Class Computer.

Computers designed for home base use usually come with Windows Home or Starter editions. Consumer grade PCs also tend to come with much more bloat-ware. Bloat-Ware is Software that usually installed in the trial mode in hopes user purchase the full version.  If you are planning on using your computer to check your email, to buy items on Amazon, use Facebook and do not need business applications than consumer PC will fit your needs.

Conclusion: Consumer or Business Class Computer? When buying a computer, it is very important to choose what fits the most for your daily computer use, also important to remember Parts used for consumer computers may be more generic or even cheap, while computers designed for professional use more often include higher grade materials and name-brand parts.

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