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Google Search Shortcuts

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Google search helps us find answers just like an old library; you can get lost if you don’t know where to go to pull information. There are simple Google Serch shortcuts that can help you navigate through Google searches efficiently and find what you are looking for faster.

Use of ” Quotation Marks – when you use quotations you are telling Google that you would like to filter specific word or sentence, For Example: “Computer Repair in Wellington” or Computer Repair so by using this you just told Google to bring back only results for Computer Repair in Wellington and not to show you anything else.

Use of – Dashes Exclude Certain Words From Your Search Query, for Example, Computer Repair -Wellington, -Lake Worth, you are telling Google you would like to exclude those locations.

Find a Specific File – You can tell Google you would like to find specific files by using search quotes: “Virus Removal in Wellington” filetype: pdf so this will bring results only with PDF files that are related to the specific phrase you used in quotations.

To Search within Specific Site – If you would like to find specific information on a particular website, you can use: site:dnitechnology.com virus removal by using this you are telling google “I would like to search dnitechnology.com for Virus Removal page and information.”

  1. ” Quotation marks keep search term together
  2. – Dash removes the unwanted search term
  3. Site command finds everything within site you specify
  4. Filetype command finds everything related to the document you are looking for.